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Secretariat Information

The Secretariat of MUNSA is the team of students that organizes and coordinates the conference. Each year, a new team is selected to commit a substantial portion of their senior year to planning and running this conference. Thank you and we wish you an eye-opening experience at MUNSA XXIV: Envision!

If you have any questions about anything regarding MUNSA or our Secretariat team, please explore this directory.

Elias Hansen

Secretary General

Ryan Tubbesing

Under-Secretary General of External Affairs

Eric Love

Under-Secretary General of Information Technology

Seraphina Bieniek

Under-Secretary General of Productions

Dana Marion

Director General

Anya Hansen

Event Coordinator

Joseph Ruelas

Director General

Max Mathieu

Under-Secretary General of Outreach

Alison Fowler

Under-Secretary General of Media Management

Jonelle Gonzalez

Under-Secretary General of Auxiliary Operations

Elizabeth Polhamus

Under-Secretary General of Delegate Development

Andrew Snell

Under-Secretary General of Auxiliary Operations

Andrea Puentes 

MUNSA Sponsor

Luke Freeman

MUNSA Sponsor 

Secretariat is available through our email account: