Delegate Information

Position Papers

Submitting your position paper:

  • Position papers will be physically turned in during the first committee session.

  • Please have two copies of your position paper ready for the conference (one for yourself and one for the chairs).

The main point of a position paper is to present your country's opinion to the other delegates in your committee. A position paper should strictly state the position of your country—it is not a place to offer compromises. In general, remember:

  • Be organized.

  • Be straightforward and informative.

  • Be clear and factual.

  • Be sure to take the point of your country.

  • Be sure that you refer to yourself as the country you represent, not "I."

As for the structure of your position paper, the following should be useful:

  • In a brief introduction, you should be able to greet the Chair and state the topics.

  • Include an overview of your country's own problem in historical context; include UN action that has directly impacted your country and/or its position.

  • Identify problems in terms of your country's current situation.

  • Be sure to describe what your country wants to take place in accordance with UN actions.

  • In your conclusion, summarize the topic and restate your country's major points.



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