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Humanitarian Effort

A percentage of the proceeds from the conference will go to The Ocean Cleanup. The Ocean Cleanup is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit foundation registered in the USA that aims to rid the world’s ocean of plastic through expeditional research, innovative invention, and education. This foundation conducts a plethora of research expeditions that provide information essential to the further understanding of the issue. With this gained knowledge, they estimate they will remove half of the 1.6 million square kilometer Great Pacific Garbage Patch in 5 years with their machinery alone. This NGO does not use conventional methods of ocean cleanup, vessels and nets, but instead with a 600 meter-long floater that provides upthrust to the passive system inhibiting the potential for plastics to pass above or under the system completely ridding the covered surface of litter. The systems exceed complete global acknowledgement seeing as they rely on the natural ocean currents and solar energy for power. Aside from the direct action this foundation conducts, they also spread the importance of eliminating the issue of an unfathomable amount of plastic in the ocean with updates on their progress and on how the increase of litter is affecting the oceans environment.


The Ocean Cleanup addresses an issue that is a large detriment to the environment and provides a way for the people of the world to live in a clean future. We hope that through our donation, we will be able to envision this future where we no longer fear the effects of a littered ocean on our health and safety.


I am extremely excited to be working with you, so please contact me with any concerns or questions at



Max Mathieu, Under-Secretary General of Outreach

We will be accepting donations here soon. Check back later to donate to The Ocean Cleanup!