MUNSA XXIV's Committee Topics

This page will hold the previous year's MUNSA committee topics on the website. To best view the topics and background papers, download the MUNSA app, available on the Apple App Store. 

GA - Addressing the Legitimacy of Dictatorships and Their Place in the United Nations, Discussing the proliferation of nuclear weapons in the 21st century

Disarm - Preventing Nuclear Proliferation Through International Cooperation and Treaties, Urging the Regulation of Biological Warfare

WHO - Addressing the Impact of Antiobiotic Resistance and Anti-Vaccination Ideals, Addressing the Use of Biological Warfare Regarding Terrorism

ILO - Improving the Treatment of Migrant Refugee Workers, Eliminating Forced Labor in the Textile Industry

HRC - Dismantling forced labor on plantation chains in Latin America, Addressing the persecution of religious minorities in the Middle East

ITU - Discussing the Role of Government in Biometrics, Addressing Breaches of Intergovernmental Cyber-ware

SpecPol - Managing the Removal of Explosive Ordinances from Warzones, Addressing the Proliferation of Anti-Semitic Extremist Groups

FAO - Discussing the Elimination of Food Waste in Developed Nations, Discussing Sustainable Agricultural Development in Areas with Growing Populations

UN Women - Combating Violence against LGBTQ+ Individuals in Religious Communities, Increasing Access to Feminine Hygiene Products in developing nations


UNESCO - Protecting Indigenous Cultures Affected by Deforestation, Developing Sustainable Resources in Densely Populated Urban Areas


UNICEF - Establishing Goals Regarding Education in Developing Countries, Addressing Access to Healthcare for Children in Poverty


UNHCR - Improving Family Reunification Services at Refugee Camps and Borders, Containing the Overflow of Refugee Camps


ECOSOC - Increasing Access to Renewable Forms of Energy in Developing Countries, Integrating Non-Governmental Organizations into Equal Pay Efforts


UNEP - Managing Plastic Waste in Regards to the Pacific Garbage Patch, Developing Solutions for Islands and Coastal Areas Regarding Rising Sea Levels


UNODC - Combating Terrorist Attacks Targeting Places of Worship, Preventing the Illicit Distribution of Counterfeit Medication


OAS - Addressing Domestic Violence against Women, Advancing Public Health in Latin America


WTO - Discussing the Impacts of Economic Sanctions as a Penalty towards Developing Nations, Combatting the Effects of the Illegal Drug Trade


UNDP - Addressing the Effects of Climate Change on Developing Nations, Increasing Access to Healthcare in Latin America

Nuclear Crisis - Nuclear Waste Leak in the Pacific Ocean


Historical Crisis 1 - The OPEC Oil Price Shock of 1973


Historical Crisis 2 - The Arab Spring


Crisis 1 - Plague Strikes Grain Fields Across the West

Crisis 2 - Regional Terrorist Group

African Union - Combatting the Murder of Those With Albinism for their Appendages, Terminating the Spread of the Ebola Virus

Security Council - Addressing the Global Threat of Cyber Warfare, Promoting the Development of Counterterrorism Efforts



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