• All delegates are required to dress in professional business attire.

  • All delegates are required to conduct themselves appropriately. This includes respecting staff decisions, recognition before addressing the committee, and refraining from the use of undiplomatic language.

  • The official language of MUNSA is English. All sessions must be carried out entirely within the confines of the English language, including conversation, debate, and note-passing. The exception to these requirements is the Organization of American States committee.

  • All North East Independent School District rules and regulations for the 2020-21 school year will apply, including but not limited to the following:

  • The usage of phones inside rooms during debates is prohibited

  • No pagers or beepers are permitted on the premises.

  • Possession of or acting under the influence of drugs is prohibited.

  • No NEISD-prohibited items (e.g., mace, metallic markers, laser pointers, graffiti implements) are permitted on the premises.

  • Theft is grounds for suspension.

  • Tobacco and paraphernalia are prohibited.

  • Vandalism is grounds for expulsion.

  • Verbal and confrontational disruption is not tolerated.




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