Types of Awards

To receive an award from your chairs, delegates must have completed position papers, be an authentic representation of the ideals/motivations of their country, conduct themselves tactfully, and takes an active role in debate to help find solutions to the committee's topics.

Criteria for Awards

There are three types of awards given to individuals: Best Delegate, Distinguished Delegate, and Honorable Delegate.

There are also different awards for schools/clubs depending on delegation size, small (34 or less) and large (35 or more), and performance as a whole.

Award Information

Continuing the Awards policy implemented during MUNSA XX, delegates will be scored on their performance during the conference using a point based system, with each delegate capable of earning 115 points. Chairs will observe delegates and use a detailed rubric to allot points based on participation, authenticity, diplomacy, public speaking, and completion of position paper. Additionally, there will be a limited number of "Bonus Points" used to distinguish truly exceptional delegates. Based on this rubric and the delegate's performance during the conference, chairs impartially score the delegates based on merit so awards are given fairly and in good faith. Individual awards will be given to the highest scoring delegates in each room. While protocol in the past called for school awards to be given to those delegations with high numbers of individual awards, the MUNSA staff, in an effort to encourage participation and preparation, has formulated a new method for deciding school awards. After all delegates have been scored based on the aforementioned rubric, scores of each school's delegates will be averaged to create an overall score for each school. Schools will be divided into small and large delegations. Small schools will be defined as those with 34 or fewer delegates and large schools will be defined as those with 35 or more delegates. Small schools will compete with other small schools and large schools will compete with other large schools for awards. Schools with the highest average point values will win top awards at the conference. While this new system is perhaps unusual and certainly a departure from convention, it should encourage every delegate to do their best. Before, an individual's performance did not necessarily impact the overall achievement of a delegation. Now, every delegate will count. It is the continuing expectation of MUNSA staff that this policy will increase the quality of debate in each room and improve the conference experience as a whole.



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